World of Terrabia

Invasion from Atlantica

introducing new characters

Atlantica is invading the Continent of Ravenwood on a quest for power and the security of the Human race.

The Kingdom of Atlantica sees the proliferation of wizardry in Tuo’Rath as illegal action, breaking a treaty signed years ago since the last great mage war. They also take offense to the expansion of the Elves and Goblins from their normal habitats.

Their first action was to close the harbor, preventing merchant or military ships to access Portsmouth, a merchant city. Their second action was to occupy the city. From Portsmouth, the Atlantican forces will occupy each town between Portsmouth and Tuo’Rath.

Upon reaching Tuo’Rath, they will lay siege to the city, attacking the wealthy side of town to gain the support of the poor, vagabonds, and thieves that live in the city. Once they gain control over the city, they will take the Crystal of Truth to uncover any potential spies and saboteurs, then lay hands on the Magic Vault’s vast troves of magical artifacts.

After fortifying their position in Tuo’Rath, they will head south from Portsmouth and Atlantica to attack the Elven fort, Cirabel, along the coast to occupy it and capture as many Elves there as possible, to use as an entry way to Lorliriar.

Once in Lorliriar, the Atlanticans will attempt to uncover the secret of the Magespeak, and also learn to manipulate the tree, Ewa, to grant themselves fertile land and clement weather at will.



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