World of Terrabia

Saga of The Dragonborn

Forests of Travisburg

After your adventure in the haunted house in the city of Tuo’Rath, Merlin the Revenant wizard went into hiding to avoid debt collectors and undead hunters, while the Nameless One, a Saurian wizard, went his own way, following a task set to him since before the three of you met.

Since you were hatched from an egg found by a priest in a small village on the frontier of Gurzzle Swamp, you had always thought you were the last Saurian, all the rest of your breed had been slain by goblins. But upon meeting the Nameless One, you realize that there are other clans of Saurians in existence.

Perhaps your former mentor, Father Ridley, could shed some light about this. Also, before his departure, the Nameless One encouraged you to visit his homeland, the volcanic desert mountain of Haz’Kodur.

You begin your adventure in the city of Tuo’Rath, at the Starlit Sky Inn, where you’ve been staying since your arrival.

Dragonborn, being rested and also relieved from his mighty battle with Tolbert Crowsworth. He wastes no time. He feels like now is a better time than ever to head to his home town and seek out Father Ridley, one who raised him as a young Dragon Born. For more understanding about his past and what his destiny holds for him. Feeling alittle discomfort being the only Saurian left of his kind, to his knowledge, he will be wasting no time at all, He hopes to see his young warrior friends from battle again soon.

It will be a two day’s journey east from Tuo’Rath to the next town, Travisburg. You will then travel to Achan in the south before beginning the four day trek across the swamplands to reach Salien, the frontier town you were raised in.

Setting out from Tuo’Rath in the early morning Dragonborn soon enters the forest where he once before encountered the Wiley Kurt and his murderous bandits. Dragonborn knows he must keep his senses alert to make it through the night, or find a caravan to camp with, else he may wake up in the morning with his throat slit.

Darkness settles as Dragonborn walks carefully down the paved road through the woods. Around the next bend he can see the telltale dancing light of a campfire, and the careless echoing of laughter.

Could this be a caravan new to the dangers of these woods? Or are they the very bandits he faced once before?

DragonBorn gets close enough to see if they look friendly enough, if so, Still hiding in a bush close by an where not seen, he Yells in a friendly dragon like soft voice “Hello There!” Waits to see there reply and to see there faces.
" My Name is DragonBorn, I am Traving to Tuo’Rath a 2 day’s journey, and passing through, would you lads mind if I joind you for the night?"
If they seem friendly enough, DragonBorn will step closer into the light, if not…. We’ll see what happens.

Observing from the bushes, Dragonborn sees nothing peculiar about the travelers.

The group of campers look around startled at the sound of the Saurian Paladin’s call, but quickly call out: “Come closer friend, and join our meal!”

As Dragonborn steps out into the light, several of the men stand up and move over to greet him. “Welcome friend. Any fellow traveling these woods at night is a friend of ours!”

As the men draw close, Dragonborn gets a sense that they are not speaking the whole truth.

DragonBorn set an waits to see what these travelers seem like, he asks
“What brings you young men out here in the woods for? You men travaling as well, I’m traviling to Tuo’Rath! Have you all been there? Whats the best route to go my friends?”

Suddenly the men reach for their weapons. “C’mon! This is the one that killed our friends a few months back! Hehehe! Looks like you’re all alone this time, scaly!”

The bandits get the drop on Dragonborn, and six of them spread out to surround him, the one in front lunges forward with his sword. The savage strike deals a hefty blow that your armor just barely prevents from being more serious.

As the men continue to advance toward you, an arrow suddenly darts from the shadowy forest behind you and thuds soundly into his shoulder, causing him to reel back in pain. The others close in around him and begin backing away. The other two men waiting around the campfire drop their packs and grab their weapons.

Then, from the forest echoes a piercing screech that shakes the bandits to their bones, causing them to turn and run, leaving you, and their possessions, behind in the empty clearing.

From the shadows of the forest comes a voice.

“I apologize for accompanying you unannounced, Saurian, but I hope you can excuse me. My name is Eleazar. I want to thank you for freeing me from that prison many weeks ago.”

Dragonborn places his hand over his wound as he turns around. A white glow emmanates from his palm and you see the flesh bubble and cauterize, stitching the wound shut as new scales grow back into place. He then hefts his ruby shield up and rests his large, razor sharp axe on his shoulder, the firelight glints off the blade and his short horns, giving the Saurian a golden glow in the dense dark of the forest.

“Hail and well met friend! Come from the shadows so we may meet face to face!”

Taking slow, silent steps, the new ally makes his way out of the shadows. Just before he steps into the lighting, he cautions in his deep, raspy voice, “I warn you, some find the appearance of my race alarming…” Then he steps out to where the Dragonborn can see him, allowing his red eyes to gleam with their natural glow.

Into the clearing walks a figure mostly resembling a man, not tall by human standards, but not short either. You spy strangely designed shortbow and shortsword on his person, and his body is shrouded in dark clothes, tattered and ripped, leather armor covering his vital parts. His head is shrouded in a hood, and a black scarf disguises his features, but what shows around his glowing red eyes appears to be a dark void, bottomless and intangible, given form only by the clothes he wears. A coldness emanates from him, chilling the air as you draw close.

Flexing his newly mended muscles, the Dragonborn steps forward to tower over the stranger, a gentle but stern expression reaches his eyes.

“And rightly so may they be alarmed, though until recently i was commonly greeted with alarm as well. Greetings, men call me Dragonborn, for I was found among the ruins of a Saurian dwelling and raised among men by a cleric. What might your name be?”

“You may call me Eleazar, the outside world refers to my people as Spectres. I would not be offended if you have not heard of my people though, we do not often leave our homeland. I am one of the few.” Gesturing to the items left behind near the fire, “Shall see we what they left us?” His glowing red eyes turned up on the outsides in what could be assumed to be a smile.

Dragonborn explains his origins as the two of you pick over the pile of forsaken loot. The Saurian, who has no use for the sword lets Eleazar have it, but takes two of the food rations and a water ration for himself. Looking over the leather armor, he decides it’s not as good as what he has already. He feels no need for the healing potion or silver necklace.

“This road is actually the only clear path through Ravenwood forest that goes to and from the magic citadel Tuo’Rath and the town of Travisburgh. I am actually on my way back to my home on the frontier of the swamplands, where i was found by humans and raised by a cleric of the Brotherhood of Gisdael. It was he who taught me the ways of peace and healing.”

“As i was the sole survivor of my tribe, and raised by humans, i had no knowledge of my kind, and had assumed until recently that i was the only Saurian left in existence. When i set off to explore the world, i met another Saurian, a wizard with no name, so we call him the Nameless One. He told me of his own tribe that lives in a volcano to the north. So now i am returning home to inquire if my mentor, Father Ridley, knows anything of the northlands, or the Saurians who may live there.”

The two of you continue on down the road in darkness for a while before camping off the beaten path where hopefully no bandits will find you.

The night passes uneventfully, and the early rays of light in the east heralds the coming of dawn. The two of you make good time to Travisburgh, but find the town’s gates wide open, and unguarded.



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