World of Terrabia

Invasion from Atlantica
introducing new characters

Atlantica is invading the Continent of Ravenwood on a quest for power and the security of the Human race.

The Kingdom of Atlantica sees the proliferation of wizardry in Tuo’Rath as illegal action, breaking a treaty signed years ago since the last great mage war. They also take offense to the expansion of the Elves and Goblins from their normal habitats.

Their first action was to close the harbor, preventing merchant or military ships to access Portsmouth, a merchant city. Their second action was to occupy the city. From Portsmouth, the Atlantican forces will occupy each town between Portsmouth and Tuo’Rath.

Upon reaching Tuo’Rath, they will lay siege to the city, attacking the wealthy side of town to gain the support of the poor, vagabonds, and thieves that live in the city. Once they gain control over the city, they will take the Crystal of Truth to uncover any potential spies and saboteurs, then lay hands on the Magic Vault’s vast troves of magical artifacts.

After fortifying their position in Tuo’Rath, they will head south from Portsmouth and Atlantica to attack the Elven fort, Cirabel, along the coast to occupy it and capture as many Elves there as possible, to use as an entry way to Lorliriar.

Once in Lorliriar, the Atlanticans will attempt to uncover the secret of the Magespeak, and also learn to manipulate the tree, Ewa, to grant themselves fertile land and clement weather at will.

Saga of The Dragonborn
Forests of Travisburg

After your adventure in the haunted house in the city of Tuo’Rath, Merlin the Revenant wizard went into hiding to avoid debt collectors and undead hunters, while the Nameless One, a Saurian wizard, went his own way, following a task set to him since before the three of you met.

Since you were hatched from an egg found by a priest in a small village on the frontier of Gurzzle Swamp, you had always thought you were the last Saurian, all the rest of your breed had been slain by goblins. But upon meeting the Nameless One, you realize that there are other clans of Saurians in existence.

Perhaps your former mentor, Father Ridley, could shed some light about this. Also, before his departure, the Nameless One encouraged you to visit his homeland, the volcanic desert mountain of Haz’Kodur.

You begin your adventure in the city of Tuo’Rath, at the Starlit Sky Inn, where you’ve been staying since your arrival.

Dragonborn, being rested and also relieved from his mighty battle with Tolbert Crowsworth. He wastes no time. He feels like now is a better time than ever to head to his home town and seek out Father Ridley, one who raised him as a young Dragon Born. For more understanding about his past and what his destiny holds for him. Feeling alittle discomfort being the only Saurian left of his kind, to his knowledge, he will be wasting no time at all, He hopes to see his young warrior friends from battle again soon.

It will be a two day’s journey east from Tuo’Rath to the next town, Travisburg. You will then travel to Achan in the south before beginning the four day trek across the swamplands to reach Salien, the frontier town you were raised in.

Setting out from Tuo’Rath in the early morning Dragonborn soon enters the forest where he once before encountered the Wiley Kurt and his murderous bandits. Dragonborn knows he must keep his senses alert to make it through the night, or find a caravan to camp with, else he may wake up in the morning with his throat slit.

Darkness settles as Dragonborn walks carefully down the paved road through the woods. Around the next bend he can see the telltale dancing light of a campfire, and the careless echoing of laughter.

Could this be a caravan new to the dangers of these woods? Or are they the very bandits he faced once before?

DragonBorn gets close enough to see if they look friendly enough, if so, Still hiding in a bush close by an where not seen, he Yells in a friendly dragon like soft voice “Hello There!” Waits to see there reply and to see there faces.
" My Name is DragonBorn, I am Traving to Tuo’Rath a 2 day’s journey, and passing through, would you lads mind if I joind you for the night?"
If they seem friendly enough, DragonBorn will step closer into the light, if not…. We’ll see what happens.

Observing from the bushes, Dragonborn sees nothing peculiar about the travelers.

The group of campers look around startled at the sound of the Saurian Paladin’s call, but quickly call out: “Come closer friend, and join our meal!”

As Dragonborn steps out into the light, several of the men stand up and move over to greet him. “Welcome friend. Any fellow traveling these woods at night is a friend of ours!”

As the men draw close, Dragonborn gets a sense that they are not speaking the whole truth.

DragonBorn set an waits to see what these travelers seem like, he asks
“What brings you young men out here in the woods for? You men travaling as well, I’m traviling to Tuo’Rath! Have you all been there? Whats the best route to go my friends?”

Suddenly the men reach for their weapons. “C’mon! This is the one that killed our friends a few months back! Hehehe! Looks like you’re all alone this time, scaly!”

The bandits get the drop on Dragonborn, and six of them spread out to surround him, the one in front lunges forward with his sword. The savage strike deals a hefty blow that your armor just barely prevents from being more serious.

As the men continue to advance toward you, an arrow suddenly darts from the shadowy forest behind you and thuds soundly into his shoulder, causing him to reel back in pain. The others close in around him and begin backing away. The other two men waiting around the campfire drop their packs and grab their weapons.

Then, from the forest echoes a piercing screech that shakes the bandits to their bones, causing them to turn and run, leaving you, and their possessions, behind in the empty clearing.

From the shadows of the forest comes a voice.

“I apologize for accompanying you unannounced, Saurian, but I hope you can excuse me. My name is Eleazar. I want to thank you for freeing me from that prison many weeks ago.”

Dragonborn places his hand over his wound as he turns around. A white glow emmanates from his palm and you see the flesh bubble and cauterize, stitching the wound shut as new scales grow back into place. He then hefts his ruby shield up and rests his large, razor sharp axe on his shoulder, the firelight glints off the blade and his short horns, giving the Saurian a golden glow in the dense dark of the forest.

“Hail and well met friend! Come from the shadows so we may meet face to face!”

Taking slow, silent steps, the new ally makes his way out of the shadows. Just before he steps into the lighting, he cautions in his deep, raspy voice, “I warn you, some find the appearance of my race alarming…” Then he steps out to where the Dragonborn can see him, allowing his red eyes to gleam with their natural glow.

Into the clearing walks a figure mostly resembling a man, not tall by human standards, but not short either. You spy strangely designed shortbow and shortsword on his person, and his body is shrouded in dark clothes, tattered and ripped, leather armor covering his vital parts. His head is shrouded in a hood, and a black scarf disguises his features, but what shows around his glowing red eyes appears to be a dark void, bottomless and intangible, given form only by the clothes he wears. A coldness emanates from him, chilling the air as you draw close.

Flexing his newly mended muscles, the Dragonborn steps forward to tower over the stranger, a gentle but stern expression reaches his eyes.

“And rightly so may they be alarmed, though until recently i was commonly greeted with alarm as well. Greetings, men call me Dragonborn, for I was found among the ruins of a Saurian dwelling and raised among men by a cleric. What might your name be?”

“You may call me Eleazar, the outside world refers to my people as Spectres. I would not be offended if you have not heard of my people though, we do not often leave our homeland. I am one of the few.” Gesturing to the items left behind near the fire, “Shall see we what they left us?” His glowing red eyes turned up on the outsides in what could be assumed to be a smile.

Dragonborn explains his origins as the two of you pick over the pile of forsaken loot. The Saurian, who has no use for the sword lets Eleazar have it, but takes two of the food rations and a water ration for himself. Looking over the leather armor, he decides it’s not as good as what he has already. He feels no need for the healing potion or silver necklace.

“This road is actually the only clear path through Ravenwood forest that goes to and from the magic citadel Tuo’Rath and the town of Travisburgh. I am actually on my way back to my home on the frontier of the swamplands, where i was found by humans and raised by a cleric of the Brotherhood of Gisdael. It was he who taught me the ways of peace and healing.”

“As i was the sole survivor of my tribe, and raised by humans, i had no knowledge of my kind, and had assumed until recently that i was the only Saurian left in existence. When i set off to explore the world, i met another Saurian, a wizard with no name, so we call him the Nameless One. He told me of his own tribe that lives in a volcano to the north. So now i am returning home to inquire if my mentor, Father Ridley, knows anything of the northlands, or the Saurians who may live there.”

The two of you continue on down the road in darkness for a while before camping off the beaten path where hopefully no bandits will find you.

The night passes uneventfully, and the early rays of light in the east heralds the coming of dawn. The two of you make good time to Travisburgh, but find the town’s gates wide open, and unguarded.

Saga of Grimhammer
Journeys of Garrick Grimhammer

Thick wrists chained up to a wall, Grimhammer wakes to yet another day in the dripping prison cell. The smell of must and feces assail his nose constantly, and he no longer notices them.

As he comes awake Garrick looks around his dismal cell for the thousandth rime. “What in the name of Earth are you holding me for? I havent done ANYTHING!!!” But no one answers him this time, nor any of the previous times. He slumps into a semi-conscious state as the time passes until the guards come to his cell door.

After some time passes, the sounds of iron scraping against iron echoes down the corridor outside, and guards approach, unlock the iron door to his cell, and place Grimhammer in hewn stone stocks, transporting him out of his cell and down the corridor.

“I’m finally being releases from this hellhole? it took you long enough to realize you had an innocent man locked up!” he snarls as they come into the cell, but as they put the stocks on him instead of letting him walk free he comes to the realization that perhaps this isn’t what he thought.

Upon reaching their destination, Grimhammer recognizes he is in the halls of the Institute of Study of the World above Earth, and all of the board of directors are present, except one.

One of the directors, you recognize him to be Head Director Fagen, stands up to speak.

Fagen: Grimhammer, latest son of the bloodline Wurmslayer, you are hereby accused of the crimes as follows: breaking and entering into the ISWE laboratory, gaining entry without proper clearance, theft of research materials such as the forbidden Magestone, assault and battery against the person of Assistant Head Director Ksalinbourg resulting in his hospitalization and loss of consciousness, and the death of no less than three guards. How do you plea? (he waits for your response before continuing)

Grimhammer’s head swims a little, trying to remember when he could have done this. You remember getting particularly drunk one evening, passing out, only to wake up in the wet prison cell. Had you done these things?

Fagen: When you were arrested, purple Magestone were found hidden on your person, and we have witnesses who say that it was you who attacked those guards. This court finds you guilty of your crimes and you are hereby sentenced to death by beheading.

After a few moment’s pause, a peculiar grin tickles the corners of Director Fagen’s mouth.

Fagen: However… we will grant you a stay of execution on the following conditions. First, you will be exiled under arrest to the surface world above. There, you will travel as an ambassador of Motanheim, our city, to the world above, opening friendly relations with the cultures and peoples there so that we may study them more openly. Additionally, you will be permitted to return to Motanheim on parole provided you return with three items for the ISWE to study from the world above. We seek a Magic Hammer, a Magic Shield, and a Magic Compass. Find these three things, and we may permit you to re-enter the city. You are to begin by opening relations with the reptile people who dwell in the mountain above Motanheim.

Finally, you are to travel with an official from the Marshall’s office, if you do not return with him, you will not be permitted to enter the city. He will be keeping tabs on your progress and helping with the peaceful negotiations.

So, what is your answer, Grimhammer?

Stunned at a full conclave of judgment before him Garrick stares wide-eyed at the charges leveled at him, as soon as Fagan finishes the charges Grimhammer bellows,“What do I say? I say this while thing is a load of dung! I was never near the ISWE, much less inside of it! Bring forth these witnesses that they may accuse me to my face! This is a sham, where is my father? As clan head he has a right to be here, and as for your ridiculous charges! My clan had more money than any two of yours combined if we wanted Magerock why steal it? We could buy all we needed.” As for you Fagan, you’re just jealous of my father’s influence! You probably incited this whole thing you gutless wonder!!"

_The peculiar grin wavers but for a second on the face of the Head Director. Another man in the court room bellows indignity that Grimhammer would question the integrity of the council. _

Fagen: Bring forth the three witnesses!

Three thoroughly bruised guards step forward. The first one speaks up.

Guard 1: I was the first to see Grimhammer inside the facility. It was terrible, he was laughing as he knocked my comrade here to the ground.

Guard 2: I didn’t even see him hit me, but i sure felt it when i woke up. As i came to, i saw him clamber through a window as he made his escape.

Guard 3: I was with the second patrol to come across him. He killed all three of my patrol men, including our patrol leader.

Fagen turns from the three witnesses to face Grimhammer, that self satisfied smirk even more apparent than before.

Fagen: You asked before why you would steal Magestone from the institute. I don’t know why you would do it, but perhaps you’ve forgotten that they are illegal to possess outside the ISWE? And I wouldn’t count on your father’s influence saving the day. We’ve had enough of your drunken outbursts to satisfy all three cities in Deepenheim. It is fortunate for Motanheim the the other two cities have not heard of you, else they would likely think we’d all gone mad. Your family, strong supporter it is in time of war, has always been a thorn in the side of the scientific community in time of peace, and now we will set an example with you. So give us your decision, will you take our most generous offer and redeem yourself and your bloodline? Or will you face the beheading block?

Scowling ferociously at being moved into a position he knows is impossible to win Garrick spits,“Fine damn you to a cold hell, I’ll take your misbegotten offer you son of a goblin loving troll!”

“Court, dismissed!”

As the court room empties out, you notice Fagen walk to one side of the room to converse with two Dwarrow, one dressed in an officer’s garb, and the other in official robes, but not those of Motanheim. You suspect he may be from one of the other cities of Deepenheim.

After their conversation is complete, the officer walks over to you, keys in hand. He unshackles you from your stone stocks and introduces himself.

“I am Vark Treadstone, Under Marshal.”

Vark: Head Director Fagen has ordered me to accompany you during your exile. Come along then, our first stop is the ISWE stores. We’re to be outfitted with enough provisions to get us started.

The two of you leave the courtroom and progress to the storeroom. There you find a Puni (Vark’s pack animal) waiting. The two of you load up the Puni with three days’ food and water, two thick cloaks for cold or unfavorable weather.

Vark: Is there anything else you’d like to take? We’ll see if they have it.

Grimhammer: “Yeah, I want my axe and my armor from home. And do you have any healing poultices? because I hear the goblinoids are getting frisky this year.”, Garrick replies as he stretches his massive shoulders,“So what did you do to deserve getting sent with a convicted man on a death sentence?”

_Vark: Do? I am simply the most qualified. As for the matter of your weapons and armor, you may equip them as soon as we’ve left the city. We’ve had reports of Sloggots in the old tunnels outside town. _

You find 6 Healing Poultices (restores 1d10 Health when used)

Vark: C’mon then, let’s be off.

As you leave town, faces in the crowd that you recognize turn their gazes away, or cast disapproving gazes upon you. Voices you don’t recognize jeer and spit at you for the fun of it. The families of the slain guards weep and shout bitterly as you pass.

Garrick doesn’t respond to the crowd at all, keeping a stone face despite the reactions.

Upon reaching the outskirts of the city, Vark hands you a bag with your personal items in it.

Vark: Here, put these on, you’ll need them…

Vark looks grimly at you, and leads the way into the newly dug tunnel.

At the tunnel he puts on his gear and gives his huge axe a few practice swings before slinging it over his back in it’s carry sling. He then follows Vark into the tunnel resolutely.

The dark tunnel winds gently along an upward angle. Occasionally loose earth crumbles down from the ceiling, but the floor remains still, indication that there are no tremors threatening the collapse of the tunnel, or of burrowing creatures.

Ahead of you is the leathery rump of the Puni, not a pleasant sight, and the broad shape of Vark Treadstone. Aside from his traveling clothes and a dagger thrust into his belt, he does not appear to be wearing any other armor or weapons, yet his grim expressions and hardened lines on his face tell you he is indeed a well experienced fighter.

Eventually, the tunnel opens up at an intersection with another tunnel, this one appears have been made a long time ago, older than the earthen tunnel you were just in. At this point Vark stops and turns to you.

Vark: Our sonoscopes picked up a hollow vein in the bedrock, so we dug that tunnel to meet up with this one. (he looks to the right) That way leads down, we’re not sure how far, but we’re bound for the surface so… (he looks to the left) we’re going that way.

The tunnel is laid with a cobblestone floor, and the ceiling is supported with stone post and lintel, carved in the shape of some kind of serpent with arms and legs, their necks stretching across the ceiling and meeting in the center.

You continue your journey through the darkness, the way lit only by Vark’s lantern. Every now and then he glances back over his shoulder, but you’re not sure if it’s you he’s looking at, or if he’s looking for something else.

Garrick rides along quietly for the most past his only question,“What do you know about the magic items im supposed to find?”

Vark: you mean the hammer, shield, and compass? For some reason the ISWE has decided to announce the existence of Deepenheim, and the Dwarrow to the world above the earth. They have also become more curious about the items the overlanders use, those imbued with magic. I guess they’ve learned all they can from those blasted Magestones.

Other than that I’m as ignorant as you on the issue. However, i have some information that may be related. Our sonoscopes in Motanheim have been observing the reptile people that dwell in the mountain above us for years. We’ve observed their use of magic for some time now and, since it is the closest to our point of origin, it is the obvious place to start our search. I doubt we’ll find all of the items in one place, if even at all. I can’t imagine anyone foolish enough to just give away a magical item to a couple of complete strangers.

Our sonoscopes in Kreigenheim are situated under a fortified city of some kind. We can’t tell what race of people it belongs to, we’ve noted several kinds coming and going. They seem to have some kind of school of magic there, and we’ve found a network of hollow passages and rooms under the school.

Our sonoscopes in Soppenheim have also found a strange disturbance. Whenever our scientists there aim the sonoscopes to the northeastern surface, they can’t quite get a clear picture, it keeps changing. We think there may be great magic at work there, obscuring that area from view. We should try there as well, i suppose.

Grimhammer gives the other dwarf a slightly disgusted look," So this is a case of the deaf leading the blind then…phaw…what a mess the damn councils gotten us in." He looks up at the ceiling of the tunnel as if asking for divine help and then asks,“So let me make sure I understand this, we are going to a city of lizardmen to steal a magical item, then a citadel of unknown ownership to do the same and finally to a place that’s assumed to have powerful magic and about which we know next to nothing for the coup de grace?”

Vark chuckles quietly.

Vark: That about sums it up. Except we are also on a diplomatic mission as well, so stealing outright might not be wise.

Garrick replies,“I don’t know how else we’re going to get them unless you’re carrying alot more gold on you than it looks like or have the ability to mortgage half the city in payment.” The red bearded dwarf chuckles at this last idea.

The two of you continue on in silence for a while, the only sounds you hear are the plodding of footsteps and the occasional breaking of wind from the Puni in front of you. You also begin to notice soft dripping of water from the ceiling, apparently caused by condensation. It is also getting hotter in the tunnel.

After what seems like hours the tunnel comes to a dead end. Vark walks up to the wall at the end of the tunnel, staring at it pensively, and places his hand on it, thinking.

The Puni begins to act strange, staring wide eyed at the tunnel wall to your left, its skinny tail twitching agitatedly.

Garrick idles away the time humming and checking his gear to make sure everything is in proper place. As they pull up at the dead end he asks Vark,“I take it this isn’t supposed to be there?” But on notice of the Puni’s odd behavior he pulls his axe out and dismounts and quietly tells the warden," I think this might be a trap, the Puni’s are acting odd." Keeping his eyes on the wall he Puni is staring at.

As you stare at the wall, the floor begins to shake. Small stones jump and dance along the floor, and Vark turns wide eyed, looking over his shoulder at the wall.

Suddenly the wall bursts apart, sending a shower of stones flying. Out from the hole a creature rushes the Puni, striking the pack animal with full force, snapping its neck. The Puni falls limp to the ground, lifeless.

The large creature turns its crustacean body and faces Vark, and strikes at him with massive digging claw. Vark narrowly dodges the blow, which instead smashes through the wall at the dead end.

As the wall crumbles, a room is revealed, well lit with lamps, stocked full with jars of liquid and shelves of food.

Vark rolls out of the way, landing behind the creature and drawing his short blade. He shouts over his shoulder at you: “Attack the Sloggot from behind! That is its weak spot!”

As the crustacean charges Grimhammer let’s loose a warcry and charges in behind the monster and whips his greataxe around in a mighty blow.

Your mighty blow tears a cleft in the Sloggot’s backside, causing the creature to bellow and hiss in pain. Its blood dashes the floor and its flesh is torn wide. Tearing a leg off the dead Puni, the Sloggot limps backwards into the hole it came from, menacing its digging claws at you as it retreats munching on the leg.

Dust settles from the collapsed walls, blood flows across the floor, and the sound of many heavy footsteps reach your ears.

“Vark are you wounded?”,Grimhammer asks as the giant crustacean scuttles away. As the footsteps sound he looks warily around to pinpoint their direction,“well it looks like we have more company.” he grumbles

the Legend of Crowsworth

On its way to the citadel, Tuo’Rath, for the Festival of Spirits, the caravan gets attacked by bandits as they make camp for the night. The caravan is comprised of families; craftsmen, women, children, their cats.

The only men trained and equipped to fight the bandits aren’t exactly men…

Dragonborn, the Saurian Paladin from the northern badlands.
The Nameless One, an orphan Saurian Mage who travels with Dragonborn.
and Merlin, a Revenant Wizard and womanizer.

The three of them took a defensive stance between the bandits and the caravan, and as the thieves approached Dragonborn moved in on the left as the Nameless One flanked them on the right as Merlin assailed them head on.

Thrust into the mix, they had almost cut their way through the bandit ranks and to their leader, but the of the bandits, Wiley Kurt, sounded the retreat and escaped with most of his men, uttering an oath of revenge under his breath.

The rest of that night passed uneventfully and on the evening of the next day the caravan safely arrived at Tuo’Rath.

As they strode past the gates of the high walled city, Dragonborn, the Nameless One, and Merlin, the hustle and bustle of the marketplace hit them full force. People were everywhere, buying, selling, eating and drinking. Merriment was the face of the city.

The Festival of Spirits was well under way with people in masks and costumes parading about the blue-lamp lit streets. Games and attractions were on every corner and booths were lit with colorful lanterns.

They sifted through the crowd, all but ignored for their strange appearances, for Tuo’Rath has always considered itself to be the hub of trade and knowledge, and many visitors have come here from across the world, and not all of them human.

Whilst Merlin flirted with passing wenches, the Nameless One overheard murmured gossip about a haunted mansion open in the upper town residential district. Dragonborn, aware of the light weight of the group’s coin purse, kept his eyes peeled for job opportunities, as the pay off for escorting the caravan to Tuo’Rath hardly paid for the risks taken, and had even less of a chance of landing them all a separate bed for the night. And Dragonborn wasn’t about to share a bed with that rotting corpse, Merlin.

As the evening wore on, they noticed a few posters here and there, thinking nothing of it at first, but eventually their numbers grew until curiosity overwhelmed them and the wanderers took a gander at the posters.

As they read their eyes grew wide; the posters were asking for someone to help rescue people who had gone missing during the festival. One was posted by the sister of a young red-head who had gone off to work and never came back. The other was posted by a group of friends whose fourth member had gone missing in a haunted mansion attraction. The three adventurers read both posters and realized that the haunted mansion and the place where the girl had gone missing were one and the same.

They decided to head off to the house where the people had gone missing. Dragonborn was concerned about the missing persons, the Nameless One remained stoic but aware that there may be some occult reason for their disappearance, and Merlin was eager to meet this red-headed woman.

As they knocked on the door to the Crowsworth residence, uncertainty and fear crept into their hearts. Slowly the door opened and the butler, a large and imposing man answered, bidding them enter.

As they followed, they glanced down the hallway and noticed two maids standing there, their faces expressionless, eyes staring past the four of them as they walked down the hall.

And one of them had red hair.

At the end of the hall, the butler opened a thick door, and gestured for the three adventurers to enter. After several moments of hesitance, one by one, they did enter the small damp cellar. In the center of the room they spotted a glowing blue crystal, floating on its own and rotating very slowly. Behind them the door closed shut and locked, and as soon as it did, the blue crystal began to spin faster and faster till a bright light flashed before them, and the crystal disappeared.

As they searched the room they found that the way they came in was not only locked, but unbreakable. For all their pounding, the door would not budge. On the opposite wall, they saw a rotted, moldy tapestry depicting a small, white rabbit trotting down into a hole under a tree. Perhaps a forerunner of what was to come?

As they searched behind the tapestry they found a door, which opened. As they each passed into the dark room beyond, the door slammed shut behind them, and they were cast into darkness.

The moments passed briefly as they searched the room in the dark finding nothing, and unable to open the door. As they began to panic, the room shook, and the sounds of two or more creatures slithering into the room were heard.

In the darkness, two bodies could be felt moving about, their serpent like forms rippling silently in the inch of water covering the floor. Merlin was the first to feel one of them brush up against him, and he lashed out, cutting at the creature with his sword. The resultant hiss that screeched back at him told him he had somehow hit his mark, even though he felt only slight resistance to his blade’s edge.

The next one went after the Nameless One, and dealt him a solid blow, while Dragonborn rushed to his friend’s side, lashing out at the darkness in desperation to hit what could not be seen.

After a few moments’ frantic struggle, all was silent except the panicked breathing of the two Saurian adventurers. Merlin, the revenant wizard explored the empty space where the wall opened up and found some small herbs growing there. Recognizing their healing potential, he took them with him.

Finding that the door was now open, the three of them moved on to a room dimly bathed in a blue light, the source of which was a large cluster of mushrooms growing around a fountain set in the east wall. The adventurers took several mushrooms with them as a source of light, and drank their fill from the fountain’s waters, finding, to their surprise, that their exhaustion and soreness dissipated and they were filled with renewed vigor for what may lie ahead.

Seeing a solid wooden door leading to yet another room, they could find no way to open it, for it had no handle and no lock. The Nameless One searched around the room and found an odd knob protruding from the western wall, and when he pushed it the door opened.

Entering the next room, the door closed behind them yet again. By the light of the glowing mushrooms, the three of them observed a large gap and a door painted bright red with gold trim decorating it. The walls were earthen, and the ceiling crumbling dust on them as they stood there. Along the walls were old beams which appeared to be holding the ceiling in place.

As they stood there, the room began to shake, and the dust from the ceiling turned to pebbles, then to stones. Grabbing a loose beam from a corner, Dragonborn lay it across the chasm and darted across, with Merlin close behind him. Hesitating but for a moment, the Nameless One saw several creatures crawl out from the pit below.

Their appearance was as darkness itself, but wet, glistening with a shimmering light that seemed to simply bend around them rather than reflecting off of them. Their bodies seemed serpentine, but without a solid physical form, and in the dim glow of the mushrooms, evanescent.

With a sudden burst of energy, the Nameless One felt a slight wave of his power return for a moment. Seizing the opportunity, he let loose a magic wave of energy, jolting the creature from where it stood on the beam, blasting it into the earthen wall.

With great haste and death on their heels, the three of them escaped through the red door, and found themselves in an altogether different place than expected.

The three travelers enter a round room, and as they do, the door behind them closes gently and disappears.

The room is dimly lit by candle light, but bright enough to see. They notice a small window, and as the Nameless One sticks his arm out to try and squeeze through, something slimy brushes past his hand and he withdraws quickly.

With nowhere to go, the three of them examine a large book shelf that strangely contains only three books.

The first book they open reads as a journal, with many entries regarding a man’s son going off to the University of Magic to study. As they read they find that this son fell in with a bad crowd and was betrayed to death by them in their study of Animatus magic, only to be brought back to the world of the living as a Revenant.

The second book they opened contained a spell that activated upon its opening and summoned into the room two black creatures of shadow. Visible yet indescribable in the dim light, these creatures moved about swiftly and silently, their bodies disrupted by the blows of the three travelers till they became so disseminated that they simply ceased to be. Yet the three companions knew that their foes had not truly been banished.

Reading the second book magically lowered a stairwell down from the ceiling, and the three of them ascended the stairway.

Up the stairs they found a nearly barren room, containing only a small chest and a mirror that cast no reflection save that of the room.
As the Nameless One struck the window in the room he knocked loose some bricks and a small key fell to the floor. With the key they opened the chest and found three items. A lamp, another key, and a bag of gold coins. They also found that if they took two items that the third remaining item would disappear from the chest, so choosing carefully, they took the key and the lamp.

Standing in front of the mirror, Dragonborn found that he now cast a reflection in the mirror while holding the key, and upon touching the mirror, his hand passed through it, and upon retracting his hand from the mirror, the key had disappeared from his hand. No sooner had the key disappeared than the stairway down slowly slid its way up to the ceiling above them, and they could now move up to the next floor.

Stepping out into the new room, the travelers were startled to see six crimson robed figures standing around a bubbling cauldron chanting some spell. They found they could not interact with the six sorcerers, and stood helpless as the events played out in front of them like some sort of dream.

As the six sorcerers chanted, outside the window a blood moon rose into position, and the sorcerers became agitated. Loud thumping on the walls permeated the air, and suddenly a giant, rotted hand swept through the room, crumbling the walls and clutching the six sorcerers. The walls collapsed and the ceiling rushed down upon the three companions but stopped suddenly as the un-damaged section of wall rested firmly on the floor. Now a ladder that had been broken off half way up the wall was accessible, and the three continued their journey ever upward.

Finding themselves in what appeared to be the final chamber, they beheld a glowing blue crystal, exactly like the one they had seen in the basement of the old Crowsworth residence. Thinking this would be an opportune time to put an end to the madness, they struck the crystal, causing it to shatter, and as it did another creature of shadow appeared. This one appeared alone, but was enormous in size, towering above the eight foot Saurian Paladin, Dragonborn. Filling the room with its dark mass, the creature lashed out at the adventurers, and they fought back vigorously, their magical powers now restored.

Upon slaying the creature, the room spun around them and they woke up in a strange library, back in the Crowsworth residence.

As the three companions came to, they saw a young man, huddled in the corner, seemingly on the verge of insanity. When questioned, he would only utter the words: “no… no.. no… won’t leave… staying here.. not safe!”
They asked the student his name he responded: “Mik… Heel… must… find brother… Daavid!”

Merlin remembered that some of the missing persons’ posters around town were posted by a student named Daavid, looking for his brother Mik’Heel. So at last, they had found one of the missing persons.

Convinced that Mik’Heel would not leave, they thought it safer for him to remain there.

Examining the room before they left, the party found a letter, with their names on it.

“I am sorry for what you have been put through. My son has become a monster, an abomination. I wished to put him to rest but could not bring myself to do it. I believe he sensed my intentions however, so the only way i could put an end to his plans was to bring someone else in to do it for me. Even then he blocked me, using the people who came here for his experiments. He even put you in a magic trance, you’ve been in this study the whole time. Please, stop my son from destroying the lives in this city! Signed~ Andre Crowsworth”


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