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  • Terrabia

    On its way to the citadel, Tuo'Rath, for the Festival of Spirits, the caravan gets attacked by bandits as they make camp for the night. The caravan is comprised of families; craftsmen, women, children, their cats. The only men trained and equipped to …

  • Justice Hayward

    Justice Hayward is the supreme council of justice in Tuo ‘Rath. He is greatly concerned with the activity and growth of the Tuo ‘Rath mafia and the popularity of the underground Gambling Pits.

  • Eldwin Pennyworth

    very old and soon to retire, is well aware of the political games his underlings are playing, but is uncertain where the rumor stem from. He would like to see the unworthy mages eliminated peacefully and the outside meddling in mage council affairs put an …

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