A Saurian Paladin, the last of his clan, defender of the weak.


Name: Dragonborn
Height: 8’4”
Weight: 498 lbs
Race: Saurian
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin

Level: 2
Experience: 177

Health: 31/41
Vigor: 22/25
Fate: 2

Melee Atk 9
Melee Dmg 2d6+17
Range Atk 9
Range Dmg 0
Magic Atk 4
Magic Dmg 4
Phys Defense 14
Mag Defense 5
Protection 5

Vit: 21
Str: 11
Dex: 9
Agi: 10
Min: 4
Wil: 5

Toughness: 0
Mobility: 35’ (7”)
Actions: 2

Name Worth Effect Quantity
Executioner’s Axe 2d6+6 Slashing Dmg, Crit. Mod +1
Ruby Shield +4 Defense
Partial Scale Armor +5 vs Slashing and Piercing

Gold Crowns 150
Kite Shield +4 Def, -1 Mobility
Glowing Shrooms Casts blue light in the darkness 5

Skill Points: 0
Name Rank Effect
Cunning 1
Eloquence 1
First Aid 1
Perception 1
Recovery 2 2d10 + Will Healing
Arms & Armor 2 Roll of 19-20 Critical, Damage x2 (x3 with Executioner’s Axe)

Well Fed +2 Vit


When he was yet a hatchling, Dragonborn’s entire clan was massacred by goblinoid warbands. Left for dead, he was found and adopted by humans.

Raised by the Chaplain and given the name of Dragonborn, he was taught that life and peace are sacred, and that revenge is a dark road that leads to self destruction. Taking these teachings to heart, Dragonborn devoted his life in service to the weak, becoming a Paladin of light.

For many years no one had seen a Saurian before, and since Dragonborn was the last of his clan, he believed that he was the only one, fated to carry on as the sole survivor of his species, until his dying day.

One day, during his travels, he met another Saurian, a wizard with no name. The two bonded almost instantly and have continued to travel together.


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