Human-Revenant Wizard, a mystery wrapped inside a puzzle locked within a bagel...


Name: Merlin
Description: A womanizing spirit bound to its decayed body through foul magic.
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 127 lbs
Race: Revenant
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard
Level: 2
Experience: 177
Health: 34
Spirit: 34
Fate: 2
Melee Atk 3
Melee Dmg 1d8 +2
Ranged 1
Phys Def 13
Mag Atk 18
Mag Def 11
Protection 2

Attribute Points: 0
Vit: 14
Str: 1
Dex: 1
Agi: 13
Min: 18
Wil: 11

Toughness: 0
Mobility: 30’ (6”)
Actions: 2

Name Worth Effect Quantity
Traveler’s Robe 25 5 Inventory Slots that require no Str to access
Leather Armor 20 2 Protection
Long Sword 100 1D8
1 Dmg, +2 Atk

1 Gold Crowns 150
2 Glowing Shrooms Casts blue light in the darkness 5
3 Healing Poultice 30 1d10 Health Restored 3

Skill Points: 0
Name Rank Effect
Cunning 1
Eloquence 1
First Aid 1
Perception 1
Jolt 1 1d4 + Mind Blunt Damage. Knockback 1 Space. Costs 1 Spirit.
Fire Ball 2 2d6+ Mind Fire Damage. Costs 1 Spirit
Mesmerize 1
Mind Speak 1

Cunning as a Fox +1 Mind


A Wizard in his lifetime, Merlin was somehow resurrected as a Revenant, a hellbound soul trapped in his own decayed body.

Now, with ageless mortality, he feels he’s had a second chance to live the life, and pursues adventure, and women, wherever he can.

He has to hide his appearance however, because one good look at him and anyone could tell there’s something not quite right about his complexion, and if someone stood too closely they might notice that rotting smell.


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