The Nameless One

A Saurian Wizard, travelling the world over for mysterious knowledge.


Grew up on the aeries of Mt. Haz’Kodur, the desert volcano.

He was given no name on the day of his birth, and has either introduced himself as Nameless, or by some other pseudonym. Saurian’s form a society that is free of class discrimination, but even so, the Nameless Saurian experienced discrimination for his lack of a proper moniker.

One Saurian, a female younger than he, by the name of Leene, befriended him though. In her eyes and sense of justice, the lack of a name should not deprive one of respect and honor.

Scurdon, another Saurian Wizard became jealous of the Nameless One for the attention that Leene gave him, desiring her to be his own mate, though he seldom lets on.

Upon his coming of age, Dunadon, the ancient Dragon King, told the Nameless One to leave Haz’Kodur to experience the world, make allies, and learn great wisdom.

The Nameless One

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